Refugium Consulting and Facilitation Services, LLC

Today, our planet is facing a myriad of challenges that necessitate equitable, just solutions. However, systems of power have excluded many communities from actively participating in the crucial work of addressing these challenges, curtailing the creativity needed to solve the complex problems we face today. Here at Refugium Consulting and Facilitation Services, we challenge this status quo by centering the voices and lived experiences of those who are harmed by systemic oppression by cultivating cultures of belonging, diversity, justice, and accessibility in academia and the natural sciences. Drawing from community storytelling, interactive theatre, and emergent strategy, we work to equip organizations with the tools needed to foster inclusive, equitable, and innovative workplace and community environments.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Kellum on several projects–from creating resources to support a better understanding of natural history museum collections to re-shaping Earth science programs to include a greater diversity of cultures and perspectives. Kellum is an excellent facilitator, is very successful at building capacity and equity in projects, and her services and skills are a tremendous asset to any organization."

- Dr. Lisa White, Assistant Director of Education and Outreach at the University of California Museum of Paleontology

"I have worked with Kellum for over four years, including in the community storytelling and bystander intervention workshops she facilitated. She is incredibly skilled in facilitating healthy workplace cultures, and is strongly committed to supporting historically marginalized communities in those spaces. I could not recommend her services more!"

- Dr. Michelle Muth, assistant professor at University of Washington

"I've had the privilege of working with Kellum as a member of my seasonal education staff since 2018. In addition to her deep commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in educational spaces, Kellum is highly organized and a pleasure to work with. Her coworkers on my staff have found her to be a source of optimistic energy and innovation in working through challenges, and she is beloved by her students. I have no doubt she would make an excellent addition to any institution's DEI strategy team."

- David Levering, Director of the Sternberg Museum Science Camps

"As an undergrad preparing for grad school, trying to figure out where I saw myself in academia and a future career, geoSTORIES provided an essential resource–a supportive, empathetic space where I could share my experiences and connect with other undergrads, grad students, and faculty in earth sciences."

- Margery Price, masters student at University of Oregon